Full circle

In 2008 I booked myself on a freediving course in the Submarine Escape Training Tank (SETT) in Gosport, England (which was an amazing experience by the way, here’s a video showing what it’s about) and as a preparation for it, they recommended doing some Yoga.

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At that point I had never done any Yoga, I had  issues with a replaced hip and was rather brutally unfit. I, therefore, decided I  couldn’t possibly attend a regular class (sigh), and so asked the Yoga teacher at the local gym whether she’d be willing to do some one on one sessions with me.

Sheila was very patient with me and  introduced me to some gentle movement, some breath work, visualisations and Yoga Nidra.

I totally fell in love with Yoga and have never stopped loving it since. The other day I came across an email from Sheila from back then, giving me instructions for my daily practice. It was some gentle breathing and connecting breath and movement, some bridge (to help with mobilising the hip) and some cat and cow followed by savasana. And that was quite a lot for me at the time!

Now, 8 years later, I regularly practice Ashtanga and have graduated as a Yoga teacher. I hope I never, ever forget where I started and how it felt back then. I hope I never assume that others can do things I now find relatively easy, and I truly hope I can embody some of the wonderful teachings I received from my teachers, starting with Sheila.

I can’t really think of other occasions in my life when the phrase “coming full circle” would be appropriate, but I am beyond excited, honoured and emotional as in just over three weeks I will be starting teaching two classes at Sheila’s studio in Prestwick.

I  will do my best to ensure I can instil the same love for this wonderful practice in the next Carlo that comes along.



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